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Progress on my studio - FINALLY

Reorganizing my studio has been a long time coming. This time last year we piled everything we could in the closet while we filmed H's project Silver Age. The original plan was to use the opportunity to clear the whole apartment, throw out the seven years of accumulated extras and streamline our lives by Fall. That didn't happen.

By the end of May I'd become alarmed by the amount of blood I was losing during my period. This was in addition to debilitating cramps and PMS. I was diagnosed as borderline anemic and soon started to bleed continuously. By August I was scheduled for surgery to remove a uterine fibroid and ovarian cyst. Although I recovered well from my surgery, my bleeding continued until just last month. Now we watch and wait for a few cycles while I find a good gyn specialist (and let's not go into my insurance woes). I owe this progress to my Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor (and my own diligence, as well as the unwavering support of my partner, H).

Now I'm finally feeling more recovered, we were able to move my red shelves into the closet. The left side is for art, the right for sewing and planning.

This year I've be trying to play more and bring a little fun into things. One way to do that is to make my planning visually pleasing. I'm using a different push pin for each of my categories of planning: yellow darts for projects; lady birds for the garden; paper planes for "guidance" (for inspirational and encouraging items I want on my board); red arrows for Fogwood (home, lifestyle and apartment related). I also have a triangle hole punch so I have to keep my tasks simple and visual.

So far I'm liking how it feels to see my board. I put up a beautiful scarf that H's mum gave me as a simple transition. There is something about the spaces on either side of the upside triangle of the scarf, it feels like a fork in the road. Once we clear the left side of the closet and fill it with my archives and art supplies I can just duck under that left fall of fabric and have everything I need for my paintings. The right side holds what I need to add to my board, as well as my sewing machine, and is pretty much good to go.

It's nice to have a window with natural light and a space to put my lamp. This is an older photo. I removed the fabric from the walls (too many happy spiders, don't worry, I didn't squish any that I know of) and it's nice and white and clean. We just cleared away the blue passionfruit - I'll post about that soon enough - so the window lets in plenty of light. I'll add a daylight photo later.

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