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Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve 2017

We love visiting The Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve. It was our third time in four years and this year by far was the most pleasant, by all accounts. The day started out a little chilly and hazy, but the wind wasn't too hard to combat this time. Once the sun came out it was very pleasant, and as we left it had started to heat up, but nothing like previous years.

Most notable, of course(!), was the Super Bloom status that all the recent rain has afforded California. We had never seen so many flowers in bloom and it was truly stunning. Sadly, our experience was marred a little by the crowds. People don't seem to be able to enjoy nature quietly. We were also concerned at those that walked right into the poppy fields for selfies. There was a rattlesnake just up the hill from where a baby was being placed in amongst the blooms (we told the mother, no it didn't sway her). That and the fact the trampled areas cannot bloom the following year made it a slightly melancholy visit.

Nevertheless, we are grateful for public access to this natural wonder. We thank the wonderful staff of the Poppy Reserve and look forward to visiting again next year!

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