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A Few Feng Shui Tips


Piles are spirals of creative energy. 

Creative people often leave little piles about the house. This is how we sort and percolate ideas and inspirations. Let your piles lead you! Organise them (loosely) by theme, and keep them in beautiful boxes or decorative baskets to consolidate your creative "messiness", and feel your inspiration crackle!


Don't block yourself.

Make sure that when you move from room to room you're not tripping over shoes or furniture. When you can move freely through your home without obstruction, so can chi, and therefore, so can abundance.


Your pet stimulates chi.

Your pet stimulates chi. Your pets don't just bring joy and comfort to you, the movement of your little darling in and around your home enlivens the energy of the house. Static chi that gets caught up in corners and under furniture is often rooted out and put back into the mix by our furry companions.



Maps can show you the way (duh?). 

We have all experienced times when we're not sure of our next step in life.  Wouldn't you love a roadmap to career, creative fulfillment or life balance?  Go get a map you don't mind ripping up to create a collage or decoupage an object, or frame that great print of the London Underground.  Now, place the resulting artwork by your front door to help find focus and direction in your career.  This works in every quadrant of the pakua (the segmented template used to "map out" the nine aspects of life).  




For a complimentary PDF of my custom pakua. 







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