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September - December 2016

Dear Friends,

For those of you that follow me, and for those of you who are visiting my site for the first time, welcome and thank you.  

This year, on September 29, I had laparoscopic surgery to deal with an endometrioma, in addition to having a fibroid removed.  My whole life I have had a challenging uterus and this year topped all previous years as far as symptoms.  


I'm finally recovered from surgery, but continue to bleed so I have started up acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments.  I do not intend for my website to become a chronicle of my health issues, though if you follow me on IG (see below) you'll know I'm not shy about it.  Still, I'm certain that at some point I will do a painting series that deals with my experience.  


Of course, I have goals for the new year, and once concreted I'll post them here.  I also like to pick a word for the year.  2016 was "Agency" and I lived it every day.  My list of goals already includes a revamp of my website (it feels like it's time... again) and a thorough spring cleaning/clearing and studio reorganization that is over six months overdue.

Have a wonderful New Year.  I'm pretty sure 2017 won't suck as hard as its predecessor...


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