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Reiki Practitioner & Healer


In her more rowdy days, Leah reinjured her knee by kicking open the door while leaving Bukowski's Tavern in Boston (where she still claims Dead Poet's Club Mug Number 111). Having learnt of, and relieved a friend's stomach pains using Reiki Energy Healing just the year before in 1999, she was open to and synchronistically happened on to Reiki again. Despite her knee causing her great pain, she took a commuter rail train, limped through the snow with only a cane to support her, and attended a Reiki share in Melrose, Massachusetts. Upon waking up on the massage table, having fallen into a state much like that she experienced while practicing Sahaj Marg meditation, her pain was gone.  A short time later, Leah was attuned to Level I in Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. Yet again utilising her studies of Japanese language and culture, she read Master Usui's original texts and began developing her own approach.


In 2010, soon after moving to Los Angeles, Leah connected with Reiki Master Patti Penn and continued to deepen her knowledge. With Patti's inspirational and intensive guidance, she progressed to Level II Reiki Practitioner and expanded into Mantra Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique, Crystal Healing and Chakra Reading. Later still, Leah was attuned by other Reiki Master Healers and connected with some of her past lives and began to practice Animal Speak techniques in addition to Chakra Colour Theory.  


The result of her varied studies (so far) is an abiding faith in Love, Joy, Gratitude, Kindness, and Conscious Living.  Leah's Reiki sessions release blockages and stimulate energy through the Chakras. She uses crystals to facilitate movement of chi, and her intuition to read current life themes. With the ability to see the colour, shape and movement of Chakras, Leah promotes her clients' own insight into their next steps.  Because she truly believes that each of us are on our own perfect journey, she furnishes her clients with symbols and raw information that they may interpret as they will in the interest of their own individual Highest Good.

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