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Energetic Feng Shui Consultant


Leah began her studies in traditional Feng Shui upon her move to Boston, Massachusetts in 2000. Over time, she perceived incongruities between the approach of traditional Feng Shui and the way energy (Chi/Qi/Ki) moves in existing buildings.  


Most homes and offices outside Asia, and in the West in particular, are not positioned, designed, nor are they built according to Feng Shui precepts. Therefore, these environments and spaces can never truly be "feng shui" (have balanced chi flow) no matter how much traditional methodology is applied.


A perspective shift was required. Rather than using fixes to alter the chi flow in a space, Leah proposed matching the inhabitant/utiliser's personal energy flow with the environment. With this as the foundation, her methodology came into focus.  She has been able to intergrate her expertise in Asian cultures, aesthetics and philosophies with her sensitivity to chi flow and skills in intuitive one-to-one coaching.  In addition, Leah is able to draw upon her extensive knowledge of energy healing modalities, metaphysics, and Colour Theory, as well as her 20 years of experience in Chinese and Japanese language and pictography.


Energetic Feng Shui focuses upon the individualised energetic aspects of chi that manifest within us as thoughts, feelings and intentions, finding the harmonious flow between the client and their physical environment.


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