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Energetic Feng Shui Services


Are joy, creativity, self-betterment and contributing important to you?  


Welcome, my dear.  You've found a kindred spirit.


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system that can facilitate abundance in the areas of home, career and personal fulfillment.  Are you seeking to live in your natural flow, in an effortless ease that allows you not only to fulfill your potential and thrive in success, but also weather challenges with centered determination?  


When the chi (energy flow) in your home is moving optimally, in sync with your goals and intentions, you are empowered in all aspects of life.  


My services begin with an Initial Consult at your home or workspace where I will:


  1. Study the floor plan 

  2. Discuss your vision for and impression of the space

  3. Learn your current personal intentions and goals


I then furnish you with a Reading: a custom Pakua chart with detailed explanations of the areas in each room and how they can be balanced and empowered in order to achieve optimal flow of chi


Then I take you on a detailed walkthrough, listening to your invaluable input (after all, you utilise this space!). As I interpret the flow of chi, I seek to guide and empower you to gain sensitivity to the energy flow within the environment.  It may sound complex, but it's really as simple as acknowledging how looking at an area makes you feel, or talking about a particular thought that comes to mind whenever you stand in a certain spot. Through this collaboration, you can gain the confidence and tools to make your home and/or workspace, and thereby your life, an accurate manifestion of your dearest dreams and desires!


I also offer Forensic Feng Shui Consults: on-the-spot walkthroughs where I "read" what areas of your life need balance, attention, empowerment, order, change or just a good old declutter!  A home is like a roadmap, the signs and sights are all there, ready to be discovered.


Often working on a retainer, much like an Interior Designer (of energy flow!), I am available to you, my lovely, creative and enthusiastic client for tweaks and renovations.

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